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Top 5 Most Expensive Homes Sold 2024

As the Phoenix real estate market puts the finishing touches on another spring market, the Phoenix mansion scene saw some stunning properties change hands.  With 15 properties in the valley selling for over 10 Million so far this year, here is a look at the 5 most expensive homes to

The Best Week to List a House

The best week to list a home for sale is…well, right now. In honor of the report that proclaims the best time of the year to sell a property as mid to end of April, let’s explore if that holds up in Arizona in 2024 in the latest Market

Major Changes to Home Buying Costs.

Massive changes announced on Friday will impact the way homes are bought in a big way. For home buyers, there are a few critical items that you need to know when starting your home buying journey under these new proposed rules. Changes have not gone into effect yet, but if

Previously Owned vs New Construction

If you could only choose one, which of these homes would you prefer: Home #1) A home with a gorgeous chef’s kitchen and smart home technology, but a smaller plain dirt backyard, or Home #2) A home with a dated kitchen, but a resort style oversized backyard with pool?  There’s

What To Expect in 2024

As 2023 gives us it’s swan song, it’s time to look ahead to next years real estate market. A few factors could be at play over the next year, and it’s almost certain to be a different market than we’re in to finish 2023.

Briefly looking back, New Years 2023 was


Rates…It’s all we seem to hear these days. The Phoenix real estate market has been affected by interest rates in some unexpected ways. New home builders are bulldozing their way through the slower market and leaving individual home sellers scratching their heads. What do home sellers need to do to

Accidental Landlords

Buyer demand is below normal, but home prices are moving up. But wait…low demand should mean softening prices… right? We are in a unique world, where many factors have influence in ways we might not initially consider. Allow me to introduce to you the new wave of “accidental landlords”, which

New Year, New Market

Will a new year come with a new real estate market? 2022 was a wild ride, but that’s all history now as we set our sights on the 2023 Phoenix area real estate market. Let’s break down latest developments in the housing market and get some insight on the latest

Market Update

2022 Home prices have taken another leap upwards, and Phoenix appreciation levels remain at the top of the pack nationwide. Quarter 1 closed out with more of the same storyline that we’ve become so accustomed to – not enough homes for sale! Now with interest rates rising alongside prices, what

What to Expect in 2022

With another New Year’s celebration just a few short weeks away, it’s time to reflect on what happened in the Real Estate Market this year, and look ahead to what 2022 has in store. Projections on interest rates, home prices, and everything else in between. Here’s what to expect if