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30 Years of Real Estate

The world we live in is changing at an exponential rate and real estate is certainly no exception. The real estate market has changed so dramatically in the past 30 years it’s almost unrecognizable.
It’s the summer of 1986, and something BIG was about to happen….my birth! But shortly after that

Top 3 Questions from Home Buyers

When working with home buyers, I’m faced with a plethora of questions.  Everyone has different needs, experiences, backgrounds and knowledge.  However, there are some common themes.  These are the top 3 questions I get when working with Home Buyers.
How do I know I’m not overpaying?
Home prices are determined by “Comparable

Down Payments – How much do you really need?

What Is a Down Payment?
To buy a home, you need to show the lender some level of commitment in the purchase. It is still possible for some to to find a zero down payment mortgage loan in a VA loan, reserved for veterans of the US military. Rather, you’ll want to

Who are the Real Estate “Players” and what do they do?

The Real Estate Agent

Most people know what a Real Estate agent does, but most people have very little grasp on the entirety of the role.  The obvious – a good real estate agent should first and foremost consult with you about the home buying process.  This consult includes gathering information

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the Phoenix Area

If some of the country’s most gorgeous and lavish properties make you sick, click away now!  I’ve compiled the top 10 most expensive homes available today in the Phoenix area. Ironically, not one of them is in the city of Phoenix. It’s Paradise Valley and Scottsdale that stake claim to these over-the-top

A Simple Real Estate Money Making Recipe

Making a smart investment has nothing to do with a price of the house.  OK, maybe a little bit, but the fact of the matter is many people (I’m talking about you Millenials and renters out there) fail to realize the golden opportunity that is upon us ALL right now.

Buyers Checklist – Preparing to Buy a Home in Arizona

Day in and out I work with Home Buyers from all corners of the country – from different backgrounds, various budgets, and very different taste in style.  But at the end of the day there are numerous things that most people need and must take care of before purchasing a

Why Use a Realtor When Buying a Home

Its 2016 – Just about every home is available to look at online, you can research schools and neighborhoods easily with Google and you can even bid on a house online. Easy stuff so why would you need a realtor?
First time home buyers often have the impression that you only

Part 1 of 3 “F.A.Q.” Blog Series – Homebuyers FAQ

Can I buy a new house while I still own another house?
This is going to depend on your personal situation.  A good lender will be able to tell you what you can qualify for with your existing loan in place.  In most situations, you can make an offer on a

Owning a Pool in Arizona

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With some of the warmest and sunniest weather in the country it’s no surprise the Phoenix area is absolutely loaded with backyard swimming pools.  In fact, 6 of the top 10 cities with swimming pools are right here