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7 Oct 2016

Top 3 Home Seller Questions

How do I know my house will sell?
If your house is priced right and marketed correctly, it will sell.
When pricing a house, it’s important to get the house listed at the “correct” price.  The “correct” price doesn’t mean a

20 Sep 2016

Top 3 Questions from Home Buyers

When working with home buyers, I’m faced with a plethora of questions.  Everyone has different needs, experiences, backgrounds and knowledge.  However, there are some common themes.  These are the top 3 questions I get when working with Home Buyers.
How do

7 Sep 2016

Top 8 Home Showing Faux Pas

Studies show home buyers can make a decision about your home in about 30 seconds.  The 30 second first impression is enough to send buyers running, or keep them chomping at the bit to see what’s around each and every

29 Aug 2016

Down Payments – How much do you really need?

What Is a Down Payment?
To buy a home, you need to show the lender some level of commitment in the purchase. It is still possible for some to to find a zero down payment mortgage loan in a VA loan, reserved

26 Jul 2016

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in the Phoenix Area

If some of the country’s most gorgeous and lavish properties make you sick, click away now!  I’ve compiled the top 10 most expensive homes available today in the Phoenix area. Ironically, not one of them is in the city of

21 Jul 2016

Top 7 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling a House

Very rarely, if ever, does a seller not care about how much they make on selling their property, or how much time it takes.  So why do homeowners continue to make mistakes when going to sell their property?  Beware of

19 Jul 2016

A Simple Real Estate Money Making Recipe

Making a smart investment has nothing to do with a price of the house.  OK, maybe a little bit, but the fact of the matter is many people (I’m talking about you Millenials and renters out there) fail to realize