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Home Improvement

Home Improvements to Increase Value

Springtime is almost here and it might be time to start thinking about tackling some of those overdue home improvement projects. Not only will improvement projects make your house look better, but key updates will substantially increase the value of your home and provide you with a great ROI. But

Home Improvements That Could Lower Your Home Value

If you want to add instant value to your home, making home improvements is the most obvious answer.  But is it possible that some improvements can actually LOWER the value of your home? Yes, it’s absolutely true, there are a handful of renovations that will hurt the  resale value of

Top 7 Unique Upgrades You Didn’t Know You Needed

We all have some sort of idea on how our dream home might look. It usually includes something like a “big kitchen island” or “pool with a great yard” or maybe even a “spa-like master bath”.  While those are certainly desirable features by today’s standards, let’s go a little bit

Top 5 Energy Efficient Upgrades

Energy Efficiency. No, it’s not the sexiest subject, but the right moves could line your pocket with some extra cash – and who wouldn’t want that? Whether you are buying a new home, or considering making an investment in your current home, efficiency upgrades are an understated investment that PAYS.

Solar Panels in Arizona – What You Need to Know

With around 300 days of sunshine per year, Phoenix is the officially  one of the sunniest cities in the country.  It’s no wonder the solar industry has such strong roots here in Phoenix. With continually advancing solar technology and the sunniest city in the country, why isn’t every rooftop covered

Are Older Homes Better Built Than New Homes?

When home shopping in the Phoenix area, or just about anywhere for that matter, the biggest factor for most buyers is location.  To get into the best neighborhoods in town, we sometimes sacrifice elsewhere – size, bedrooms, upgrades, etc.  But let’s forget about all that for a second, and talk

Does it Stay or Does it Go? (with the house)

Once upon a time, an excited first time home-buyer was scouring the market for the perfect home. Finally, after months of searching he found it – the exact home he dreamt of! He wrote up an offer with his Realtor and the transaction went smoothly. He closed on the house,

Home Improvement Projects with the Best Return on Investments

People are funny. Especially when it comes to their homes. After all, the average American spends between 60-70% of their entire lives at home.  It’s no wonder we do everything we can to make it our own.  But what projects and customization’s are you going to get BACK out of

Top 5 Most Unique Home Upgrades for 2016

It’s 2016 and it’s time your home starts accommodating your 21st century needs.  The foundational principles of the common home finishes have gone largely unchanged in the last 30 years. Sure popular colors have changed, the texture on the walls have changed, flooring has changed but that’s to be expected. 

Urban Backyard Chickens in Phoenix

Urban chickens, yes they are a real thing!  Urban chickens are gaining popularity among city dwellers in Phoenix.  We’re talking clucking, egg laying real backyard chickens. No longer just confined to a farm, the popularity of home grown chickens is real and it’s here to stay. So what’s the deal