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Homes of the Future

20 Apr 2018 0

Our homes have come a long way in the last 100 years.  Electricity, air conditioning, and running water – it’s hard to think the basic features and conveniences of today’s homes were once the newest innovations.  Today, basically anything Wi-Fi enabled is the talk of the town.  Just walk into Home Depot and the first thing you’ll see is a shelf full of the latest home gadgets –  Amazon’s Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Nest thermostats and Ring doorbells among others. So while some tech innovations like the Bluetooth Toaster will disappear faster than a staffer on the Trump administration, tech is here to stay. Let’s fast forward 25 years and take a look at what our future homes might just look like

And yes, Bluetooth toasters do exist. *Facepalm*

Voice Control

While voice control technology is here today, it’s still in its infancy. Not on board yet?  Consider this: In just 3.5 years since Alexa’s Debut, ‘smart speakers’ have made their way into 1 in 6 Americans homes. That’s an incredibly short time for 39 million devices. In fact that’s the same time it took a little device called the iPhone to sell the same amount of devices.  Which now, by the way, sells over 200 million devices every year.

With this sort of technology adoption rate, this concept is here to stay. Much like new home builders are now putting various tech into their construction, it’s likely we will see and integrated version of Alexa, or Google Home.  These won’t be devices taking up precious countertop space and outlets.  We are talking about and integrated microphone/speaker system in every room of the home allowing you to simple verbalize your commands and needs.


This same system could allow you to make phone calls/texts from any room, get your bath filling up, alert you to emergencies, or have an autonomous vehicle waiting to pick you up when you get out of the shower. As consumers constantly crave faster and faster interactions with technology and the world, voice recognition will be a big part of our lives. Hey, maybe we’ll even see Alexa get a talking face that will be displayed up on our Smart Walls?

Smart Walls

Smart Walls you say? Without further ado:

Pods and Pre-Fabricated Homes

Historically, prefabricated homes refer to mobile homes and trailer parks.  The future of pre-fabricated homes will surely shake that stigma.  Homeowners are searching for more unique, greener, and smarter homes that are durable and energy-efficient all at the same time. In which case, prefabricated homes remain to be one of the top answers.

Improved functionality, superior design, and weather-resistance are only some of the main driving factors for the consistently increasing demand for prefab homes. With the innovative architecture based on design and functionality, further modernization of the prefab housing concept have resulted in the development of designer prefab homes. These are undoubtedly the “future-ready” homes that homeowners crave.

Unlike traditional homes, prefab homes are built indoors and can be delivered to your location in a matter of weeks. Whether you prefer to live by the beach, in the countryside, or in the city, your prefab home can be transported and delivered to your desired area.

Take a look at some of these designer prefab homes, a few which can even be ordered today.

Contemporary prefab home pod

A look inside the deisgner prefab home of the next pod.

Interior if the Nest Pod

The Nest Pod is a futuristic looking designer prefab home

The Nest Pod

the loft cube designer prefab home

The Loft Cube

Stackable pods speed up construction



If you’ve never heard the term before, think a MASSIVE structure housing a hundred thousand people in a self-sustaining community including residential, commercial and agricultural facilities; a biodome of sorts. The concept is actually not all that new. The godfather Paolo Soleri has been working on his Archology site right here in Arizona for decades, although with less then stellar progress.

A full functioning completely self-sustaining off the grid arcology has yet to be successfully completed at scale, but the concept is continually being attempted with higher success rates. As tech innovations are being churned out faster than ever before, we may finally find the winning formula to complete an Arcology in the not so distant future

Large urban structures could be used in places like New York Los Angeles and Phoenix to help solve the urban housing problems.

It’s possible we end up with some superstructures that are not 100% self-contained, but can still house thousands of families. With dense urban cities and growing populations, mega-structures for housing might be exactly the solution to provide affordable housing in desirable urban areas. For now, these mega structures continue to be stuck only in sci-fi movies.

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